Photo Album 3D LWP Black 1.0

Source:Duran Developments

Wanna have a cool 3D photo album? This cool album shows all the pictures directly taken from your phone camera or other pictures that you would like, right into your wallpaper. Yust give the location of your pictures and go. The pictures will be interactive shown into your wallpaper in a very cool three dimensional ring with No picture deforms and no picture limits(high resolution images)!! This is no doubt the best app to navigate through your high resolution pictures and always available in your wallpaper! The 3D environment gives your phone a very exclusive look and a wow! What can be better than see your most beautiful pictures in your wallpaper with the best 3D photo album on the market and be remembered those phantastic times.. ?

-Unlimited number of pictures can be used for this Live Photo Album.
-!NO PICTURE DEFORM. The loaded pictures look like original. Very sharp. You really should see this.
-Intelligent picture location search during installation.
-Shuffle picture functionality.
-Pictures are rotated shown in a three dimensional ring. This is unique, nowhere else shown like this.
-automatic screen rotation with your gyro sensor. From now on you can look at your pictures optimal in landscape or portrait yust with turning your phone screen to left, right or down. Very powerful and useful feature.
-You can stop the rotation to see and spend more time on a picture and resume it again. The picture will grow dynamically to full size of your screen. (touch the middle of the screen)
-Moving picture to left/right functionality when rotation is stopped.
-Zooming in/out functionality when the rotation is stopped.
-Moving picture up/down functionality when rotation is stopped (scroll up/down in the corners of the screen).
-Fast Forward(FFWD) Functionality. From now switching to the next set of images that will be displayed in the ring can be done by user action. This makes the photo album also a very powerful photo explorer. Amazing Functionality! Awesome.
-Distance of your rotating images can be changed. This gives the flexibility for looking the photos nearby. Great feature.
-Freeze your image. You can freeze your preferred image which is rotating at that moment. Yust like your background functionality.
-3D smooth environment. You should see the amazing effect of different bitmap sizes.
-Photo album is only active when the wallpaper is visible. Dont worry about your battery.
-New taken pictures are automatic loaded into the live wallpaper.
-Also new added private pictures in your private map are automatic loaded into the live wallpaper.
-Add your favourite album locations to your favourite album list. From now on switching between your different albums(family, private.., friends) is a piece of cake. Yust select your preferred album from the list and the photos of this album are automatic loaded right into your wallpaper. What can be better than this ?
-Showing pictures from more than 1 favourite album in your wallpaper. From now on you decide from which albums together you want to see pictures in your wallpaper.You can select this from your favourite album list and go.
-Change the speed and distance of the rotation. You can even stop the rotation if you like.
-Filter functionality for your images.
-Finally this is the wallpaper with no doubt the BEST way to navigate, explore, dont stay attached on ONE PICTURE. Give your wallpaper a real function. Try it and guarantee you wont regret it.

hint: If you have a lot of high resolution pictures that you want to look at it but doesn't have the time for it ?
Copy them to your sd card on a specific map and set the location in your photo album. From now on you will see all these pictures in your live WallPaper !

Please contact in case of comments/problems or loading picture problems.

<< Extra Information: This is a live wallpaper and can be reached by your Homescreen. >>

:) Enjoy with your Photo Album. :)

Last Updated:2011-09-18 21:30:13
File size:3.39MB
OS:Android 2.1 and up

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